A Push For Purpose 


Inspired by the real life experiences of John Bunn, A Voice 4 The Unheard is an organization founded on the principles of justice and equality for all.

We promote the values of self-control, self-love, and self-empowerment.

A Voice 4 The Unheard fights to give a voice to the voiceless by confronting and talking about social injustice in America's criminal justice system that exists in our prisons, courtrooms and communities. 

Ever since I was kidnapped by the system for a crime, I had no connection to in any way, my life has been based on me proving my innocence. Throughout this nightmare, somehow, God has BLESSED me with a dream. I can’t get back lost years, but if I can somehow be POSITIVE enough within my own struggle, I can become a motivation to a lot of others and help them overcome theirs. I’ve been blessed in so many ways to keep PUSHING FORWARD when I just wanted to give up. But something always keeps me going.
— John Bunn



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