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A Voice 4 The Unheard fights to give a voice to the voiceless by confronting and talking about social injustice in America's criminal justice system that exists in our prisons, courtrooms and communities. Inspired by the real life experiences of John Bunn, a man who was wrongfully convicted and spent 17 years of his life in prison for a crime he did not: he was sentenced as an adult at the young age of 14. Once John was released he had to continue to fight for his innocence for another decade, but knew he had the knowledge and experience to make an immediate positive impact in his community and created A Voice 4 The Unheard: an organization founded on the principles of justice and equality for all. We promote the values of self-control, self-love, and self-empowerment. By educating our youth about the realities of senseless violence and crime, and how they themselves and their community suffer at the hands of prison life and culture both during and after incarceration, we inspire all people, regardless of their past or social status to be their best selves.

Our warehouse of over 20,000 books is constantly distributed to stock local book drives, refurbish prison and community libraries, and facilitating important discussions about the criminal justice system to young men with an increased risk of entering it. Since we started out in the summer of 2017, John’s story and message has been featured on CNN, MSNBC, NY Times, The Source magazine, criminal justice panels, and at college graduations. A Voice 4 the Unheard hopes to reverse the cycles of negativity that prevails in our streets and our for-profit non-rehabilitative prisons through literacy and education.

Ever since I was kidnapped by the system for a crime, I had no connection to in any way, my life has been based on me proving my innocence. Throughout this nightmare, somehow, God has BLESSED me with a dream. I can’t get back lost years, but if I can somehow be POSITIVE enough within my own struggle, I can become a motivation to a lot of others and help them overcome theirs. I’ve been blessed in so many ways to keep PUSHING FORWARD when I just wanted to give up. But something always keeps me going.
— John Bunn

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Self-Control, Self-Love, and Self-Empowerment

Self-Control, Self-Love, and Self-Empowerment

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