Riker's Island Correctional, Bronx, New York

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Pushing for Purpose

A Voice for the Unheard 2018

This Project

When we physically trap these prisoners behind walls, we are also trapping them mentally. Prison culture is violent, corrupt, and unforgiving which is why we are trying to fight these negatives with positivity. A better library and new literacy programs will give our citizens in the Rikers island prison facility healthy outlets and useful tools to rebuild their lives once they re-enter the population.

As an American prisoner it is easy to feel forgotten.  Racial and economic factors have seen the minority and lower income portions of our population disproportionately effected by the laws and practices governing crime and punishment in 2018. In order for our citizens to be rehabilitated, they need to be given opportunities and support while behind bars.


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We have begun to form the roots of a strong relationship with the Rikers Island administration. They will play a very important part in all of this and have been extremely cooperative and eager to work with us. If we are fighting to raise awareness in the public domain, the only way that is going to actually matter is if we work with the prison to solve the problems. 

February 2018:  The first 3000 Books were moved into Rikers Island and John Bunn introduced A Voice 4 the Unheard to the prisoners we will be targeting. 

Our prisoners are fathers, mothers, husbands and brothers, and once they are out of prison will have an impact on those around them. What you do in prison will affect how you re-enter society and what type of impact you will have on those close to you. If someone's time in prison is productive and insightful you can provide people with wisdom and support instead of stress and pain in the future.

March 2018: Hundreds of donated books were offered to students at Bronx Community College;